"Photographs can blur the lines between fantasy and reality, and how they capture the fluidity of time"

Jackie Higgins Author of 'Why it does not have to be in focus' Thames and Hudson

Influenced by street/urban photographers such as John Baldessari, Bernhard Hartmann and Bruce Davidson, my key interests in photography lie in ‘scapes’ that celebrate the textural and structural compositions of people and architecture in urban and rural environments.


My work often wilfully ignores the accepted protocols that guide and govern photography, which places many of my images into the fine art or abstract photography genre - I’m always looking for the offbeat or quirky to generate striking or thought-provoking images.

My work features in private and public collections nationally and abroad and I regularly exhibit in London, in particular with the Free Painters and Sculptors Collective - a long-established artist-led charity and arts organisation.

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